Book – Wonder Leads by Dave Holloway (Print, eBook, Audiobook)

Wonder Leads book by Dave Holloway

Wonder Leads

‘Remarkable lead generation for positive small businesses’ by Dave Holloway

Wonder Leads book by Dave Holloway

About Wonder Leads

⭐️ The #1 Amazon US best-seller
⭐️ Silver medal for Sales Book of the YearAxiom Business Book Awards 2021
⭐️ Finalist for Sales & Marketing Book of the YearBusiness Book Awards 2021

Cold calling is a terrible form of business development. Like most traditional methods of lead generation, it does your business more harm than good.

Not only are they regularly miserable activities to engage in, but they are proven to be ineffective the vast majority of the time. They drain money, time and resources. Worst of all, they often undermine the value you want to communicate and alienate the very people you are trying to attract.

There is a better way to generate qualified B2B leads. A method that is nearly twenty times more effective than cold calling yet costs little but time and application. An approach that not only gets results but leaves prospects with a lasting, positive impression of you and your business. Entrepreneur and B2B marketing expert Dave Holloway can show you how.

Wonder Leads is an outbound sales framework centred on high-quality, individually personalised video that helps build meaningful relationships with the people who matter.

Packed with down-to-earth, insightful commentary and clear, practical advice, Wonder Leads is a positive roadmap for any small business owner who wants to master cold outreach without sacrificing their integrity.


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Reviews for Wonder Leads

“Probably the best researched book in its genre” – Todd Hannula FRSA (Social Entrepreneur & TedX speaker)

“An insightful (and delightfully honest) appraisal” – Amazon reviewer

“Wonder Leads is an amazing idea and framework that provides an original and refreshing strategy to business development” – Amazon reviewer

“Ready to make cold calling a thing of the past? Use this easy to follow guide, which outlines six steps to better business lead generation. Learn how to make a lasting, positive impression of your business and start to see results with this informative read!” – Bookbub

“[Dave] has now systemised the approach in such a unique and insightful way that it’s hard for my potential clients to ignore me. One just came back to me yesterday with a message on LinkedIn… “OMG THAT’S SO COOL!!” (in capitals) and wants to know how to incorporate it into their own network.” – Amazon reviewer

“As a start up owner reaching out to new prospects is crucial but very hard. Wonder Leads not only puts a perspective on things, assures you that you are not alone and a great framework to follow in order to attract people to you.” – Graham Robinson, MD, KeySim

“The use of video is critical today to stand out from the competition and Dave shows you exactly how to do it without the need for a huge budget or experience. He has gone through the trial and error so you don’t have to.” – Amazon reviewer


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About the author

Dave Holloway is a graduate of the University of Wolverhampton where he achieved a First Class Honours degree in Graphic Communication. Since 2007, together with his wife, Natalie, Dave has run the award-winning brand communications agency, BML Creative. He has worked with global B2B companies including Linde plc, Kantar and Croda plc, as well as leading institutions such as the NHS, The Royal British Legion and The University of London.

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