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How to write the perfect sales video script
Personalised sales videos are a fantastic way to get the attention of potential customers, but you need to make sure you don't blow it by saying the wrong thing...
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Most marketers using LinkedIn messaging as a cold outreach strategy are doing it totally wrong, which is why NOBODY replies!

Free personalised video script timing calculator

Our free online tool can help you to work out precisely how long it will take to read your personalised video script.

Want to charge your customers more? Do this.

Want to charge more for your products & services? The solution isn’t brain surgery (then again, maybe it is?)…

The future of outbound B2B sales and marketing in 2022
What’s in store for outbound B2B sales and marketing in 2022? The trends are pretty clear, so Wonder Leads founder, Dave Holloway shares his take on what it a...
Why outbound marketing is the best way to sell on value instead of price
Inbound marketing may be collecting all the headlines, but outbound presents an opportunity that inbound marketing rarely offers – the ability to lead the con...
The beginners guide to personalised video marketing

Ever wondered what personalized video marketing is? How it works? Who it’s for? And what kind of results it can deliver? This article explains everything!

10 secrets that helped me to nail my first paid speaking gig

I thought I’d share some of the key things I discovered that helped me overcome the rather terrifying thought of sharing your ideas with a live audience.

3 things that make or break a video sales message

If you want to increase your chances of cold outreach success using video, make sure you incorporate these rules into your approaches.

Hate sending follow-ups? Maybe you’re using the wrong outbound sales tactics.

The medium you choose for cold outreach directly correlates to the number of follow-ups you need to do. Choose yours wisely.