Dave & John – Misadventures in lead generation

The lead generation world is a funny old place. Everyone wants more leads, but few go about it in the right way. Enjoy the escapades of Dave in Sales and John in lead generation as they try ever-more outlandish ways to crack the prospecting code.

  • 06 December 2021
  • Wonder Leads
  • News

Dave & John Episode 1: Pile of s**t

There are sales leads. And then there are sales ‘leads’.

Dave & John Episode 2: Responserizer

Catatonic conversion rate? John’s solution is “a guaranteed winner!”.

Dave & John Episode 3: Avatars

LinkedIn connection limit problem? Tex, Thor, Moriaty (& Davina) to the rescue!

Dave & John Episode 4: Christmas ‘Special’

John gets Dave the hot gift that every sales professional needs this Christmas.

Dave & John Episode 5: Spray & Pray

It’s 2022. Everyone says spray and pray marketing is dead, but John is still clinging on.

Dave & John Episode 6: Spamgate

John gets embroiled in the biggest outbound marketing scandal of all time!

Dave & John Episode 7: Valentines

Love is in the air. Or is that the smell of junk mail?

Dave & John Episode 8: April Fool

Dave & John – Misadventures in lead generation Episode 8: April John finally discovers the secret to effective lead generation.

Dave & John Episode 9: The Thunder

John takes extreme action to get more replies to his LinkedIn messages.

Dave & John Episode 10: Summer

Is your LinkedIn connection rate miserably low? John thinks he’s found the solution!

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