Getting Started

Socialaser® allows you to create highly-personalised landing pages for video introductions, so you can build meaningful relationships with the people that matter to you and your business.


A quick tour of the Socialaser® system

This short video will walk you through the main components of the Socialaser® interface so you can understand where to find features within the system and what they are used for.


What does a Socialaser® introduction look like?

Below is an example of a completed personalised introduction landing page that you can create through Socialaser®:

Socialaser Personalised Video Landing Page

The above shows a desktop/landscape view of a landing page, but Socialaser® landing pages are responsive, so they will automatically adapt to a portrait format on smaller devices as shown below:

Socialaser intro landing page - mobile format


What are the components of the Socialaser® system?

Socialaser® comprises a number of components that come together to help you create, send and manage personalised video introductions. They are:


1. Templates


Intro Page Layout Templates

Socialaser intro page layout templates

Intro page templates control the look and feel of your intro landing pages. You can create multiple intro page templates. You can customise colours, logos, greetings, notes, call to action buttons and signatures for each one you create. Once created, you can select which template you wish to use for each intro you create.

View a video guide to intro page layout templates.


Script Templates

Socialaser script templates

Script templates are the default messages that you use when you are recording your video introduction. You can create multiple scripts for multiple different applications. Once you have added your script templates, you assign the relevant one to each Intro you create.

View a video guide to script templates.



Socialaser script groups

Script templates can be assigned to different groups to make it easier for you to manage. For example, you could group by product, company or message type.


Sharing Message Templates

Socialaser sharing message templates

Sharing messages are the messages you use when sending intros and follow-ups to targets. You can create as many different message templates as you wish. Each sharing message template can be assigned a category; Initial Share, Nudge, Insight Share. These correspond to the stages of Wonder Leads process. You should select the relevant category for each of the sharing message templates you create as this helps with automation functions when using the system. There is also a catch all ‘General’ category for messages that fall outside the default structure.

View a video guide to Sharing Messages


2. Videos (system currency)

Socialaser videos

Each personalised intro that you send will require one video to be uploaded. Uploading one video requires you to spend one of your credits. If you run out of credits then you will need to purchase one of our paid subscriptions to continue creating new intros.

Watch a video guide to Videos


3. Intros

Socialaser Intros editing screen

An Intro is where all the components of Socialaser® come together. Each person you send to requires their own Intro to be created. Within each Intro, you can do the following:

  • Select which landing page template you want to use
  • Select which video you want to attach
  • Assign the script template you have used for your video
  • Mark whether your script has been personalised to the individual beyond the basics of name and company (hint: this is a really good idea).
  • Choose which domain you want to send from. You can use one of our preloaded options like ‘’ or ‘’. You can also integrate your own company domain name or custom personalised domain like the example at the top of this page ‘’.
  • What slug you wish to use. The slug is the portion of the URL after the domain name. By default, the system will cause the details you enter for the individual you are contacting in the format ‘firstname-surname-company’. This can be customised as you wish (particularly useful for shortening long URLs). In our example above it has been shortened to ‘tom-brown’.
  • Choose whether to customise your landing page template greeting and message
  • Preview your Intro prior to sending
  • Share your Intro using one of your sharing message templates
  • Set the status of your Intro. The status determines the Intros position in the Wonder Leads process. The status options are: New (an Intro that has been created but not yet sent), Sent, Nudged and Insight Sent.
  • Schedule reminders to follow-up on an Intro
  • Record responses and leads your Intro has generated

View a video guide to Intros


4. Snapshot

Socialaser reporting snapshot

The Snapshot shows an overview of your performance within Socialaser® It includes View, Response, Click and Lead Generation rates, plus breakdowns of standard scripts, versus personalised ones. It also has a list of latest system notifications (also viewable via the bell icon in the top menu).


What order do I need to do things within Socialaser®?

Socialaser® has been designed to specifically complement the Wonder Leads methodology. In order to ensure you don’t encounter issues, please ensure you adhere to the following steps which outline the workflow within the system:

  1. Create your Intro Page Template
  2. Create/upload your video Script Templates
  3. Create your Sharing Message Templates
  4. Upload your recorded Videos (deducts 1 credit per video)
  5. Create Intros for each prospect
  6. Share your Intros with your prospects – this allows you to auto-populate template messages for rapid, accurate sharing across platforms.
  7. Set follow-up Reminders – This helps to ensure you keep on track of your lead generation activity by following up at appropriate intervals.
  8. Record Responses and Leads Generated from Intros – mark intros that have resulted in responses and sales opportunities.
  9. Measure your results through the Dashboard and Snapshot – keep track of your activity to ensure it is delivering the results you need.


What happens once I’ve created my intro on Socialaser®?

Once you have created your intros, Socialaser the following features help you to share, manage and monitor the performance of your personalised introductions.


1. Share your Intros

You can use those template messages to auto-populate individual sharing messages that you can send to contacts. You can send direct through LinkedIn, copy to clipboard or repopulate an email depending on your preferred contact method.

When you share your Intro links via social media sites like LinkedIn, the video thumbnail and your greeting details will be featured in the page preview that is generated.

Socialaser intro sharing function

View a video guide to Sharing Intros & setting Reminders


2. Receive engagement notifications

Once your intro has been shared, Socialaser® will monitor your intros for engagement. You will get notifications whenever a landing page is viewed, video played or a call to action clicked.

The system will alert you via email the first time a video is viewed..

Socialaser notifications feature

View a video guide to Sharing Intros & setting Reminders


Schedule reminders

You can set reminders to follow up on your intros using the reminders function within the system. This will alert you within the app and also email you whenever a follow-up reminder is due.

Socialaser reminders feature


Record and monitor responses and leads

You can mark responses and leads that you receive as a result of sending your intros through Socialaser®. When marking responses, you will be presented with the option to mark them as Positive replies (where the prospect has been particularly appreciative of your intro).

When you mark responses and leads, Socialaser® will automatically calculate critical success statistics like overall Response Rate, View Rate, Click and Lead Generation Rates, which you can track via the main Intros dashboard or the Snapshot page.

You can use the reporting information within Socialaser to repeat the tactics that give you the best response and lead generation rates.

Socialaser Intros

View a video guide to recording responses and leads