We would encourage you to integrate your own personal domain names with Socialaser in order to get the most from the Wonder Leads approach. Custom domain integrations are only available to users on a paid plan.

In order to integrate a domain that you own, you will need to be able to modify the DNS records of your domain. This can be a separate name that you have bought specifically to use with Socialaser (e.g. ‘’), or it can be your existing company website.

If you are looking to purchase a ‘.TO’ domain at an affordable price, our recommended partner is NETIM. They offer ‘.TO’ domains for €42/year, a considerable saving on many other registrars where prices can be upwards of €90!

You can purchase your ‘.TO’ from NETIM here (*Please note: as an affiliate, we may receive a small commission from any purchases made through this link).

When integrating with a company website, Socialaser is integrated as a subdomain (eg. ‘’ or ‘’ – the subdomain is the part in bold). You can choose any subdomain you wish, but we advise you to keep it as short as possible for readability.

If you would like to integrate a custom domain with Socialaser you simply need to send an email to and we will help get you started.