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Personalised video marketing 1-2-1 coaching with Dave Holloway from Wonder Leads
Personalised video marketing 1-2-1 coaching with Dave Holloway from Wonder Leads

It is my mission to help you generate quality leads

I know how it feels to struggle with cold outreach. That’s because, for more than a decade, cold outreach was the biggest headache I had running a business. Everything I tried was either too miserable, too expensive or too ineffective to justify investing my time.

In the hunt to find a solution, I developed an approach that centres around high-quality individually personalised video delivered through LinkedIn. It’s an approach built on positive communication and proved to be nearly twenty times more effective than cold calling.

The personalised video training options we deliver through Wonder Leads have all been designed to help other people overcome the same challenges that at one time I felt were insurmountable.

I look forward to helping you on your journey to a brighter form of lead generation.

– Dave Holloway, Founder


Personalised Video Training

We offer several different training options: introductory workshops, our self-paced online Udemy course and 1-2-1 coaching. If you’re a business looking for next-level creative personalised video support with guaranteed results, then make sure you check out our UP™ programme.

Our fun and educational online workshops are perfect for any organisation that wants to find out more about the incredible possibilities of personalised video marketing.

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Our 1-2-1 coaching option is perfect for those people who feel confident with most of the Wonder Leads process but could benefit from expert guidance on specific topics.

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Our top-rated online course hosted on is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of personalised video marketing on their own terms.

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