LinkedIn messages being ignored? Here’s the solution

Most marketers using LinkedIn messaging as a cold outreach strategy are doing it totally wrong, which is why NOBODY replies!

  • 12 September 2022
  • Wonder Leads
  • Insight


If your LinkedIn messages are hampering your marketing efforts, then it might be because you’re one of the many people who fall into the trap of using LinkedIn messages in the wrong way and end up looking like spammers. There are no shortcuts to getting more responses on LinkedIn, but there are common pitfalls to avoid, and techniques you can employ that will help you build your professional network and generate more sales opportunities through LinkedIn.

If you want to connect with more people on LinkedIn, engage in a successful LinkedIn outreach strategy and build your professional network without sacrificing your integrity, then you have arrived at the right video. We will explore the reason why most LinkedIn messages are being ignored and most importantly; what you can do about it!