Prospect Responses - Wonder Leads

Turn the coldest of prospects into the warmest of leads

Traditional outbound sales techniques often alienate the very people they aim to attract. With Wonder Leads, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

A positive approach to business development leads to positive results

Are you tired of B2B business development techniques that alienate the very people you are trying to attract? Wonder Leads offers a unique positive approach that is built around making people feel valued. Just take a look at how real prospects respond:

  • "Thank you for that wonderful pitch, probably the best pitch I've ever received. Amazing!"

    Journalist, London
  • “That is the best intro approach ever”

    Managing Director, Leeds
  • “How very impressive! As you say, we have no immediate need but it is on our agenda for H2 2019 and I will be in touch then to learn more.”

    External Affairs Director, Sheffield
  • “Now, this is what I call a professional introduction!”

    International Sales Manager, Leeds
  • “Very creative and innovative introduction”

    Managing Director, Bradford
  • “Let me come back to you over the following days and then let’s explore what opportunities that you could support us as a business”

    Managing Director, Oldham
  • “Would love to have a call and see if there is any synergy in terms of our objectives.”

    Managing Director, Doncaster
  • “I absolutely love this, if I could find the applause emoji I’d send it”

    Managing Director, Halifax
  • “I just wanted to tell you that I thought that was an excellent introduction”

    Product Development Director, Leeds
  • “I love a quirky unorthodox approach! Its how you get noticed and exactly what I understand you to be about. Really impressed.”

    Business Development Director, Scunthorpe
  • “What a great approach!”

    Marketing Manager, Filey
  • ”Thanks for the message and kind words - certainly different to the regular ‘let’s connect’ messages!”

    Managing Director, Retford
  • “Thought your video was excellent, very thought provoking on many levels.”

    Business Development Director, Scunthorpe
  • “Firstly may I say what a fantastic way to get engagement... very clever and I’m envious of the idea!”

    Operations Director, Manchester
  • “Loved the personal message - very impressed - I don’t think we are the right time at the moment but would interested to meet up when back UK late May”

    Managing Director, Halifax
  • “Thank you so much... What a great idea to get your message across too. I will give this some thought and be in touch.”

    Managing Director, Sheffield
  • “What a fantastic video and appreciate the thought & effort gone in to this.”

    Sales Director, Wolverhampton
  • “Very innovative way to break the ice! I'll be certain to mention you at our next meeting”

    Group CEO, North Yorkshire
  • “That is a nice way to approach a potential customer, really creative!”

    Managing Director, Dewsbury