Struggling for filming space with a DSLR? Try using Camo

Thanks to the clever people at Reincubate I can now use my iPhone camera as a pro webcam for filming Wonder Leads videos.

  • 10 May 2021
  • Dave Holloway
  • Insight

I’ve always been an exponent of using a DSLR for filming videos which is why I recommended it in the Wonder Leads book. The cost/quality ratio is second-to-none & the ability to change lens gives much-needed flexibility.

However, since the lockdowns caused by COVID-19, my filming locations have been extremely limited.

The first implication is that everything I shoot is in front of a green screen so I can make my videos look more interesting.

With the lack of space, I’ve also found a DSLR tricky to set up and take down repeatedly – especially with a lighting kit.

However, I’m pleased to report that I’ve found a solution!

Thanks to the clever people at Reincubate I can now use my iPhone camera as a webcam thanks to their brilliant Camo software.

Camo software for filiming personalised videos

You get the full benefit of the amazing image quality offered by the iPhone camera, including perfect autofocus. You also get access to zoom and image controls thanks to some nifty desktop software.

I now tether straight to QuickTime for movie recording on my Mac which makes filming setup a doddle. This also saves time, as the videos are recorded directly to my computer instead of the camera.

The only downside is you can’t use your phone while it’s tethered, but then again – it should be off while recording anyway!

Basically, it’s the nuts.

Check it out here: Camo by Reincubate