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UP™ by Wonder Leads - helping B2B sales take flight through creative personalised video

UP™ – Helping B2B sales take flight through creative, personalised video

UP™ by Wonder Leads is a next-generation cold outreach service. We send creative, personalised video messages on your behalf and guarantee high-quality sales opportunities with your ideal customer profiles. Customers who appreciate your value before you speak to them, leading to better conversations, shorter sales cycles and improved conversion rates.

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UP™ by Wonder Leads - helping B2B sales take flight through creative personalised video

Effective cold outreach has never been more critical or more difficult

It has never been more difficult or more important to engage in cold outreach. According to a 2021 Gartner study, 49% of sales leaders believe accelerating the early pipeline and lead generation efforts are the most critical elements to their success over the next six months. But where will those leads originate?

COVID has made engaging decision-makers harder than ever. A growing trend towards hybrid and remote working has reduced access through traditional face-to-face and telephone channels, driving record numbers online. Social and email are now the primary channels for cold outreach, but increased activity means the volume of noise that sales teams must rise above to reach prospects is at an all-time high.

Automation is not the solution for profitable outbound B2B sales.

Rusty broken sales funnel full of low-quality sales leads

Many sellers believe the solution lies in automation. They use sophisticated messaging funnels to reach the largest audience possible with the least amount of effort. While it sounds appealing, that approach has a significant downside. That’s because the more you try and speak to everyone, the more you speak to no one. And if you spend a lot of time talking to no one in particular, it shouldn’t be a great surprise if nobody talks back.

The more silence that greets outbound approaches, the more sellers feel compelled to push prospects to respond. But that generally has the opposite effect – it pushes people away. That’s because it fails to align with the reality that 95% of B2B buyers are not in the market for goods and services at any one time.

What do most people do with irrelevant, overly persistent communications from people we don’t know? We associate them with spam and tune them out.

Ineffective lead generation tactics are a significant cause of broken sales funnels. Low response rates and poor quality leads fuel an inefficient sales cycle that ultimately leads to poor conversion rates.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

UP™ – Turning traditional cold outreach on its head

UP™ provides a remarkable solution to the challenges of cold outreach in a digital-first sales world.

We approach your ideal customers on your behalf, using proven methodologies centred on the power of creative, positive and individually personalised video messages.

We abandon the tactics that damage reputations, alienate prospects and lead to time-sapping conversations with people who are never going to buy. Instead, our remarkably positive approach grows reputations, forges meaningful relationships and kickstarts high-value conversations with the individuals that matter.

In short, UP™ is designed to help your business rise above the noise in the most efficient, effective and positive way possible.

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Where could your business end up with a guaranteed flow of remarkable leads?

Have you ever found yourself in sales meeting where the the prospect has no idea what you do and why they are there? If you’re a salesperson that’s relied on traditional cold outreach to book appointments, then the answer is probably – ‘yes’!

Sadly, that is the common side effect of a broken lead generation process. A process driven purely by volume, with little or no attention to quality.

UP™ is an entirely different form of lead generation.

While we look to deliver the same number of opportunities as traditional outbound marketers, the opportunities that UP™ delivers are on a completely different level. Our goal is to deliver genuine sales opportunities, where the prospect has already bought into the value that you deliver before you meet them. Opportunities where the customers are already onside, because they feel appreciated on an individual level.

Not only does every approach we make enhance the reputation of your business, but it transforms the quality of leads going into the funnel. It shortens the sales cycle and frees up your sales team to spend more time pursuing the right opportunities at the right time.

Talk about giving your sales process a lift!
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UP™ by Wonder Leads - helping B2B sales take flight through creative personalised video

Here’s how UP™ works

To start with, you:

  • Tell us about your business and existing sales process.
  • Explain the unique value your business provides.
  • Show us the difference you make to existing clients.
  • Provide marketing assets and/or brand guidelines.
  • Explain the ideal type of businesses you want to work with.
  • Identify the job roles you need to speak to within those businesses.

After which, we:

  • Use insight and research to identify the best companies to approach.
  • Find the right people to contact within those companies.
  • Find effective ways to connect with them through the relevant channels (primarily LinkedIn).
  • Craft a compelling video script that communicates your value succinctly.
  • Build a creative, video presentation that demands attention, and reinforces the value you deliver.
  • Record individual video messages for each contact acting as your representative.
  • Use our state-of-the-art Socialaser platform to create individual landing pages for each video in your brand style
  • Send the messages to contacts and monitor responses.
  • Use Socialaser to monitor landing page and video engagement.
  • Pass meetings and details of conversations to your sales team.
  • Provide regular, transparent reports on our progress.
  • Regularly analyse and adjust our strategy if necessary.

Sleep easy with our Positively Zen Guarantee

We believe business is better without stress. That’s why we guarantee to deliver the agreed number of sales opportunities you need within 6 months. If we don’t, we will continue to work on your account for free until we do.

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