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UP™ by Wonder Leads - helping B2B sales take flight through creative personalised video

UP by Wonder Leads – B2B marketing that's too good to ignore

The marketing world has never been noisier. The solution isn’t adding more noise; it’s rising above it. That’s why we created UP™ – the creative personalised video marketing service for B2B sellers

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UP™ by Wonder Leads - helping B2B sales take flight through creative personalised video

Traditional lead generation efforts are damaging the sales funnel.

Rusty broken sales funnel full of low-quality sales leads

Accelerating the early pipeline is consistently named one of the top priorities for sales leaders, but how can it happen?

The playing field has changed rapidly. Increased remote working and online activity means buyers are more challenging to reach than ever.

Many companies turn to automation as a solution, which merely compounds the problem. Buyers have become numb to the constant barrage of generic marketing approaches that seemingly have no relevance to them and constantly push for action. As a result, such practices have the opposite effect as intended – they alienate the very people they aim to attract.

Even when leads do appear, they are often a poor fit and price-driven because they haven’t bought into the value on offer.

It doesn’t have to be like this. There is a better way to lead the sales conversation, but it requires a radically different approach.

UP – Turning traditional outbound marketing on its head

UPby Wonder Leads abandons the traditional ‘spray and pray’ mentality of most outbound marketing campaigns and concentrates attention on the people who truly matter.

We do this by creating a steady flow of highly targeted, individually personalised video messages on behalf of your business. Messages that combine fun and creativity with positive psychology, to create compelling content that is Too Good to Ignore. We then give you the tools to share your videos with target customers and kickstart remarkable conversations, wherever they may be in the world.

Instead of pushing away customers by using tactics that undermine the value of your business, UP draws them in and enhances your brand reputation. The results are high-quality, meaningful relationships that yield long-term rewards.

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The UP™ process

3-steps to outbound marketing heaven.
1. Plan
What's involved?

Stage 1 of the UP™ process involves research and solid, strategic planning. Our objective is to learn enough about your business to build a compelling video pitch.

Stage one includes:

  • An online brainstorming session to learn about your business.
  • Understanding your products and services to understand the value you deliver to customers.
  • Exploring target customer profiles to understand their buying motivations and what might spark their interest.
2. Prep
What's involved?

In stage 2, we lay the foundations for launching your campaign. We combine decades of creative marketing skills with cutting-edge multimedia tools to bring your story to life in the most engaging way possible.

Stage two includes:

  • Writing your video script following our unique GIVE™ storytelling framework (GRAB attention, spark INTRIGUE, deliver VALUE, demonstrate EMPATHY).
  • Fine-tuning the script and suggesting visuals to accompany each section.
  • Developing the video template based on the approved script.
  • Building a custom animated thumbnail template.
  • A full test run and amends as required.
3. Liftoff
What's involved?

In stage 3, the UP™ process takes full flight.

Stage three includes:

  • Personalised video message for each person you want to contact (quantity depends on the details of your specific UP™ package)
  • Uploading each video to a branded, personalised landing page on our Socialaser platform.
  • Personalised animated thumbnail designed to maximise video views.
    Socialaser account access for sharing videos and monitoring engagement.
  • A customised messaging playbook with ideas to encourage engagement.
  • Monthly performance check-in.

Want to see some examples?

Click the animated thumbnails below to view examples of real UP™ personalised videos in action.

UP by wonder leads - creative personalised video marketing service for b2b sellers
Creative personalized video marketing service – UP by Wonder Leads

Does your current outreach get responses like these?

For most marketing approaches, you’re lucky to get any response. With UP™ you don’t just generate more responses per campaign, you can generate remarkably positive responses like these…

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Our flexible pricing structure has been carefully designed to allow every size of business the chance to rise above the noise.

1. Template Creation Fee

A one-off template creation fee covers the cost of developing all the reusable assets for your UP™ personalised video marketing template.

Price: £2,950


  • x1 online strategy session
  • x1 video script and storyboarding
  • x1 personalised video messaging template
  • x1 animated gif thumbnail template.

2. Video Creation Fee

Our monthly Video Creation Fee covers all the ongoing videos we produce for you and varies according to the number of videos you wish us to create each month.

Videos per month Monthly Fee
20 £750
40 £1,100
80 £2,050
160 £3,700


  • Filming and editing x1 personalised video message for each recipient using your approved template
  • Personalised landing page creation for each recipient
  • Personalised animated thumbnail for each recipient
  • Access to our unique Socialaser platform to share videos and track engagement
  • A messaging playbook with templates and suggested sharing schedules to maximise engagement.
  • Monthly online review meeting

3. Personalised Mailers (optional)

Give your UP™ videos an even greater chance of hitting their target by choosing to run an optional personalised direct mail campaign. Prices start from as little as £50 (one off campaign fee) + £0.90 per recipient. For example, sending a personalised direct mail campaign to 100 recipients could cost as little as £140.


  • Postcard design using one of our agreed templates
  • Full colour digital printing on quality 300gsm silk paper
  • Standard delivery

Important: In order to run an outbound campaign, you will need to supply full address details for each contact in an approved format (Excel/CSV).
UP personalized video direct mail marketing campaign

All prices exclude VAT at the prevailing rate. A 3-month minimum contract applies to all UP™ programmes. We reserve the right to change these prices at anytime. Direct mail campaigns are payable in advance. Postage rates for direct mail campaigns will vary according to time and geographic location – please contact us for up to date prices.

Sleep easy with our Positively Zen Guarantee

We believe business is better without stress. That’s why we make this promise:

If you are not 100% satisfied with your UP video template we will continue to work on it for free for you until you are. If we still can’t deliver, we will refund your fee. No questions asked.

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