If ever there was a definitive example of why email marketing doesn’t work with cold B2B prospects, this is it…

  • 17 November 2020
  • Dave Holloway
  • Insight

Email spam example

It’s not just because the merge tags have failed while they went to the painstaking effort of uploading a bought-in CSV file to a bulk emailing system.

It’s not just because the email is from a legal firm, who surely must know that it’s against the law to send an email like this to an individual without specific opt-in permission.

It’s not just because the email contains 2092 characters. Almost exactly 3x more than I’m allowed to write in a standard LinkedIn post (and far too many to fit on one screengrab).

It’s primarily because this terribly-executed, cookie-cutter approach contains absolutely nothing that I couldn’t find out by spending 60 seconds on Google.

Where is the value? There certainly isn’t any to me, and it’s hard to argue there is any for the sender when 99.9% of the people they mail to will forever associate them with spam.

B2B lead generation has to be better than this. We ALL deserve better than this.