Personalised sales video course launched by Wonder Leads

Our new personalised sales video course is the ideal way to rapidly upskill yourself on the fundamentals of the Wonder Leads approach to lead generation.

  • 29 June 2021
  • Wonder Leads
  • News

Wonder Leads is delighted to announce the launch of its new personalised sales video course, ‘B2B Lead Generation via Personalised Sales Videos & LinkedIn‘, which is now open for enrolment on the online education website, Udemy.

The training course has been designed as a quick start guide for anyone who wants to get started in the world of personalised sales videos. The course walks through the fundamentals of the Wonder Leads approach, which is nearly 20x more effective than cold calling at generating warm leads.

The course is hosted on the world’s leading online learning platform, Udemy. Its self-paced format means that you can learn on your own schedule from any location in the world.

It is not your typical, dry, boring Powerpoint narration. Our new course is story-based, following the journey of Wonder Leads author and founder, Dave Holloway, as he discovered the power of personalised video marketing first hand.

Each mini section is accompanied by a comprehensive suite of resources that you can use to start implementing the Wonder Leads methodology in your own business.

There is also a Q&A function that will help you to overcome any pressing questions or challenges you face while working your way through the course.

There is also an exclusive bonus offer for anyone who completes the course!

The benefits of a personalised sales video training course for B2B lead generation

There are many benefits to using personalised sales videos as a lead generation approach, including:

  • Far higher response rate (~50% compared to 6% for cold calling and 3% for email marketing)
  • They are often far more appreciated by the prospect
  • Presents the opportunity to build stronger relationships
  • Can lead to more profitable conversations when approached correctly
  • They allow you to keep your integrity intact
  • They can make a great impression on hard-to-reach prospects such as C-suite and board-level executives.
  • Personalised sales videos can be easily integrated into your normal workflow when done correctly.

Watch the video training course promo below

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